Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Ahi Grissini Pops

If you have an Asian Market close to you it will come in very handy. They normally sell sushi grade salmon and tuna in “blocks” that you can slice lengthwise thinly for these canapés. If not, be creative. You can easily adapt this to vegetarian with zucchini strips or other vegetables. If you have the chance to get your fish monger to slice the fish for you do it – it helps a great deal.

· I “Block” (1” depth by 3”width by 10” length) Ahi tuna or sashimi grade salmon
· 2 packages Boursin Cheese (or 6 oz goat’s cheese, 1 shallot minced and 2 tbsp crème fraiche with salt and white pepper)
· 20 grissini sticks
· 20 chives blanched and shocked
· Edible orchids julienned
· Black Sesame seeds
· 1 tbsp olive oil

Cheese Mixture:

Place in mixer with paddle attachment and beat until soft and fluffy. Put in Pastry bag with ¾ inch tip and reserve.


Slice thinly lengthwise and coat with olive oil.


Blanch chives for 20 seconds and shock in ice water.


Place fish slice on a piece of plastic wrap - Using pastry bag, pipe cheese mixture along the length of the fish. Using the plastic wrap, roll fish over cheese mixture until wrapped completely and twist ends to tighten roll. Place in freezer to solidify roll (30-45 minutes).

Unwrap fish roll and tie blanched chives along the length of roll every 1 inch, keeping note of center of each “pop”. Slice each segment, dip bottom of each in black sesame seeds and reserve. When time to serve comes, Break Grissini in half (or leave whole, depending on presentation) and push into center of cheese/fish “pop”.

Garnish with julienned flowers and pass or display.

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