Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Cattle Baron's Ball

To quote my 2 year old daughter:

"Uh-oh daddy...poo-poo in the potty!"

To quote my 15 year old daughter:

"Fall Out Boy, blah blah blah, Fall out Boy, my friend AJ, Fall Out Boy, blah blah blah...g'night and I love you." (jk ash)

To quote my 13 year old son...can you quote a fart on a cell phone call? No?

In all likes and circumstances in my life for the next 2 weeks I am in the shit. If you are in the food biz you get that - in the shit. The weeds. The weedz. Rien en place. (ty babelfish)

The Cattle Baron's Ball Dallas is a great charity event that happens annually for cancer research.

6,000 people with alot of money and alot of power. The event this year is 'Santa Fe' themed with an event company re-creating original Downtown Santa Fe

I am the chef of the catering company chosen for said event this year, and I need to poo poo in the potty.

In the shit does not even begin to describe the feeling I have had over the past month. If you can remember Chet, the ominous and shot gun toting brother from 'Weird Science' who, after finding his 'Grandparents catatonic in a closet!', was turned into a giant nasty poo monster - he's a close second to me right about now.

VIP tent with 8 action stations for 1,800 people for 2 hours prior to the main event.

Common Grounds will host a total of 5,000 people:

2 Large Sopa e Chili Stations with kettles with appropriate garnish

1 huge 4 sided Taco stand with 4 different tacos made to order (carnitas, tinga, fish and beef)

2 large Smokehouse stations with house smoked brisket, sausage, beans and Red, White and Bleu Potatoes

4 large Elote stations with roasted corn and vendors choice of turkey with toppings

2 Huge Tamale and Adobe Pie stations with Tri Color Chips and trio of Salsas

Huge dessert station with Churros, Mango Tres Leches, Adobe Pie and Peach Cobbler

Too many bars to speak of - and yes - we have the alcohol for the party (awesome!)

I am in the deepest of shit I have ever been and I am loving it.

I will post pics of the event as soon as I get them.

I will also post pics of anything as soon as I find out how to do so.


ArtfulSub said...

Seems like a pretty good menu. I'd add some pork and veggies. And zap two of the desserts replacing them with flavored coffees.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is a doofus.