Monday, September 10, 2007

Is Blogging Good?

I've missed the boat on alot of shit. When I was in Catholic grade school in Sister Bernadette's religious instruction class I would imagine her, in the same black and white standard nun uniform, singing 'Back in the saddle again' by Aerosmith. She wasn't flailing about - she wasn't making sweet weird gay love to the mike like S. Tyler. She was the same nun, in the same get-up, with the same knuckle cracking ruler in her hand. But in my head, she was swaying lightly singing that song in the droll catholic hymnal way we have all come to know and love. It cracked me up to the point of knuckle crackings, long talks with my far too catholic mother and finally, expulsion.

Then I saw Will Ferrell and that other chick do the skit on SNL about the teachers singing popular songs at a pep rally while wearing proper dork ass teacher attire...

I missed the boat, damnit.

I'm sure alot of people say this on the web. "Dude, I thought of YouTube 4 fucking years ago on the toilet! Really! Ask Jimmy!

JIMMY!!! Tell 'em!"

I was that ass for quite a while. Now I will be the ass that writes and blogs everything down not missing the boat. Either way I'm an ass but now it's documented. My life jacket is on and I have my Dramamine patch behind my ear. Blogs are good for me and you.

By the way, my little brother and I used to do 'Mystery science theatre 3000' 20 years ago on the couch of my parent's house on Sunday morning after church - as did many because the TV was shit before football came on.

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